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Jess Rooke

19 year old AUB film student with a passion for storytelling.

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my films

my films

my films
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EXPERIENCE- writer, director, cinematographer & editor. december 2021. official KIFF selection 2022.

EXPERIENCE- writer, director, cinematographer & editor. december 2021. official KIFF selection 2022.

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BOY- producer. may 2024.

BOY- producer. may 2024.

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IN COLOUR - writer, director & editor. march 2023.

IN COLOUR - writer, director & editor. march 2023.

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a compilation of my best films to date. 

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Beyond film production, I am enthusiastic about developing my current screenwriting style, to build up the various short screenplays I have written and capture universal human emotion.


End of Act 1.

AS coursework. January 2021.

In a world where your 18th birthday is your last, there's a price to pay for adulthood.


September 2021

Reeling from a heartbreaking loss, Cece reminisces on the memories that defined her love.


November 2022

Torn between passion and insecurity, a young dancer's life is transformed as colour re-enters her world.


February 2024.

When depressed student Meg stumbles across unorthodox 'happy pills', her addiction to the superficial joy they bring transforms her life terrifyingly.

further creative endeavours

Alongside creating detailed storyboards for my projects, I take an interest in analytically delving into films through blogs and audio-visual essays. This not only widens my knowledge of film vocabulary, but consistently provides me with inspiration for how cinematic techniques can be incorporated into my own work.

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digital storyboards.

Digital storyboard for the end of Act 1 of EIGHTEEN. January 2021.

Celtx digital storyboard for the end of Act 1 of EIGHTEEN. January 2021.

Link to my film review blog: jessonfilm.

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Extended Essay: To what extent are the films of Céline Sciamma a manifestation of the female gaze? October 2022.

Comparative Analysis of Jackie (2016) and Marie Antoinette (2006). March 2024.

Textual Analysis on Children of Men (2006). June 2022.

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audio-visual analysis.

Comparative study of Singin' in the Rain (1952) & La La Land (2016). March 2022.

La Haine (1995)- analytical video essay. October 2021.

personal profile

Filmmaking, for me, is the most cathartic form of creative expression, allowing for societal norms to be transcended and empathy to be cultivated for others. As a creative and driven student, I have been inspired by a multitude of pioneering women filmmakers to explore underrepresented female-centric stories, not only to promote improved representation of women in the film industry, but to champion dynamic and complex female narratives. I have already developed my love for this craft in a variety of filmmaking roles, but am enthusiastically open to new opportunities to extend my skillset and hone my artistic style. 

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